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McPherson College is committed to providing students access to resources and support throughout their career as McPherson College Students.

Computer Labs

McPherson College provides lab access to all students.  All computers in the dorm labs have the same basic software package installed.  This software package includes:  Office 2010 Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, and FrontPage), specific software is installed in the labs at the request of faculty members, based on the location of students in a specific class.  Some labs also have specialized software packages based on the main use of the lab.  

Dorm Labs:  Access to the dorm labs are limited based on your access to the building and visitation restrictions.  Residential students will have access to the labs in their dorm 24/7.  Non-residential students have access to the dorm labs based on the visitation restrictions for the location of the lab and physical access to the space.  This also applies to residential students using dorm labs located in dorms other than the one they live in.  Each dorm lab has 2 computers and 1 printer.  These printers are not supplied with paper, so students should bring their own.

  • Bittinger Hall has a lab directly behind the main lobby.
  • Dotzour Hall has a lab on each floor located in the lounge in the center of the building.
  • Harter Hall has a lab located in the Community Room.
  • Metzler Hall has a lab on each floor located in the floor’s lounge.
  • Morrison Hall has a lab directly behind the main lobby.

Teaching Labs:  These labs are accessible during normal building hours.   Printers in these spaces are supplied with paper.

  • Melhorn Science Hall has one computer lab with 27 computers, located in room #141
    •  The 27 computers includes a head computer with access to overhead LCD projection.  The head computer can be controlled via remote mouse and keyboard.  We also have a Document Camera, scanner, and VCR permanently installed.
  • Mohler Hall has one computer lab with 6 computers and a printer located in room #229.
  • Miller Library has 3 areas with computer access:
    • On the main floor, there are 15 computers and a printer that is supplied with paper.  This lab is open during the library's normal hours.  
    • An additional 6 computers are available on the 2nd floor of the library; located directly above the Library’s entrance.  These computers print to the Printer on the western wall of the Main Floor.
    • On the lower level, room 104A contains two computers and a printer. 
  • The Hoffman Student Union has one computer lab with 3 computers and a printer located in the basement .

Restricted Labs: Both of the following labs are primarily used by individual departments.  As such, they are only available to student’s currently taking the appropriate classes by special permission from the faculty associated with them.

  • Hess Fine Arts Center has two computer labs:   
    • The Graphics Design Lab, is located in room #51.
      • The lab has 26 iMacs along with a color and black and white laser printer.
      • For special permissions contact the Fine Arts Faculty.
    • The Piano Lab, is located in room #125.
      • The lab has 6 electronic pianos and 1 computer.
      • For special permissions, contact the Music Faculty.

Dorm Room Internet Service

There are two Ethernet ports in each residence hall room on campus except for rooms in the Baer Apartments. The connection to the campus network from the residence halls is available to all residence hall residents at no charge. The service includes direct access to your e-mail account via the campus Ethernet network and wireless network.

Wireless Internet Access

McPherson College provides wireless (802.11G/B) access in each residence hall.  Other locations on campus with wireless access include:  Miller Library, Hoffman Student Union, Mingenback Theatre, Brown Theatre, Friendship Hall, Sports Center - Large Gym, and Stadium Boxes.   This access is free to students, faculty, and staff.    Students who bring their own wireless Access Point should contact Computer Services for help in setting up your Wireless Access Point to work with our network.

To access the Internet wirelessly, you must first register your wireless network connection via the “REGISTER” SSID.  Upon successful registration, instructions for connecting to the “RESNET” SSID or the “RESHALL” SSID will be provided.  Students should connect to either RESNET or RESHALL, since the REGISTER SSID is bandwidth limited and intended only for registration of your wireless devices.

Student Computer Service and Support

McPherson College Computer Services supports all student computers. Computer Services will work with you to solve any problems on your computer. We can also advise you on beneficial upgrades and provide information on where such upgrade hardware or software is available. If you experience problems, please contact Computer Services immediately.

We can be reached on campus at Ext 2455, 620-242-0455 or you can email us at

Network Connection

Computer Services has created Acceptable Usage Policies for Network Connection.  Use of the network connection by the student constitutes acceptance of the Acceptable Usage Policy for Network Connection.  A copy of the agreement can be found here.

Computer Services has a bandwidth shaper between the students and the internet. This device allows the College to prioritize traffic as well as limit illegal activities such as file sharing.  

If you are experiencing problems with your internet connection, please contact Computer Services by calling (620) 242-0455 or extension 2455 from an on-campus phone or emailing

Email Account

Upon enrollment to McPherson College, each student is given an email account with the school.  McPherson College utilizes Google Apps for Education, to provide student email accounts.  The Acceptable Use Policy for email accounts is included in the Student Handbook, or you can click here.

Students can access their email by going to

Your username will be the first four characters of your last name and the first three characters of your first name, as you name is listed on your student account.  For example, Plain Jane would be “” and your password is the last six characters of your student ID number. If your student ID number is only 5 characters in length, please add a “0” (zero) to the beginning of your ID when entering your password.  For names that already exist in our system, we append a 001, 002, etc to the end of the userid.  If you do not know your userid, please call Computer Services at Ext 2455 or 620-242-0455.

Computer Services recommends that students change their password the first time they login.  To change your password, please login to one of the lab computers, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and click on the "Password" menu option. 

If you forget your password, Computer Services can reset it for you. Please give us a call at 620-242-0455 or extension 2455 from an on-campus phone.

Network Storage Account

Each student has up to 600MB of network storage assigned to them. "Up to" 600MB actually is "less than 600 MB". The way that it works is as follows:  there is a "hard limit" at 600 MB and a "soft limit" at 510MB. If you exceed the 510MB "soft limit", you have 7 days to get back below the 510MB limit before you can no longer store anything in the network storage. If you hit the 600MB "hard limit", you immediately lose the ability to store anything further in your network storage space. So...., the difference between the "soft limit" and the "hard limit" is 90MB and 7 days "grace". You can exceed the 510MB for up to 7 days so long as you stay below 600MB.  

You have to remove files to get you back below 510 MB to stop the "grace period" timer, and to permit saving files to the network storage.

Access to your network storage account is limited to on-campus computers.




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