At McPherson College, faculty authority resides in the general faculty. At times this authority may be delegated to some legitimate faculty body such as a faculty committee or task force to expedite the work of the faculty. Yet the final authority still resides with the general faculty, which has the authority to confirm or overturn actions by its designated delegates. The faculty is given both independent decision-making authority and conditional authority, the authority to recommend and execute pending confirmation by higher authority. The authority of the general faculty to govern and recommend consists of the following areas:


FAC 302.1      Authority of Faculty to Govern

  1. Control academic affairs, including general academic policies and academic regulations;
  2. Regulate academic matters affecting more than one department or division;
  3. Determine requirements for degrees in all programs;
  4. Approve general education requirements for all degree programs;
  5. Approve general admission requirements;
  6. Approve curricula and program changes;
  7. Approve interdisciplinary programs involving more than one department or division;
  8. Establish residence requirements for degrees;
  9. Establish basic language requirements for admission of foreign students;
  10. Enact and enforce academic regulations for students in matters of attendance, examinations, grading, scholastic standing, honors, etc.;
  11. Call meetings of faculty members when needed;
  12. Determine voting rights;
  13. Determine what constitutes a quorum;
  14. Elect faculty officers;
  15. Approve college or university calendar.


FAC 302.2      Authority of Faculty to Recommend

  1. Candidates for degrees in all programs;
  2. Regulations governing student discipline, conduct, dismissal, probation, etc.;
  3. Policies governing appointments, ranks and promotions;
  4. Faculty compensation policies and structure for salary plan;
  5. Administrative action on policies affecting faculty members as a whole;
  6. Tenure regulations and modifications;
  7. Faculty appointments to college-wide committees;
  8. Organization of faculty and bylaws for its operation;
  9. Teaching loads.


Approved by Faculty on 11 March 2010