As a rule, Faculty Meeting occurs twice each month. Voting and non-voting membership criteria as well as specific information on faculty meeting are found in the faculty constitution (see Appendix 2).

Faculty Executive Committee plans and organizes agendas for regular Faculty Meetings. Agendas for upcoming meetings as well as minutes from the immediately preceding meeting are distributed to all faculty members at least 48 hours before the upcoming meeting. As a rule, agendas include reports from standing committees and a time for announcements from individual members. Although faculty may always make a motion from the floor to add items to a Faculty Meeting agenda, members are urged to direct requests for Faculty Meeting agenda time to Faculty Executive Committee for consideration.

In addition to regular meetings, a special Faculty Meeting may be called by the President of the College, by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, or by Faculty Executive Committee. Individual members may submit requests for special meetings to the Faculty Executive Committee for consideration.

Unless otherwise stipulated by Faculty Meeting action or by the faculty constitution, a simple majority of voting members constitutes a quorum, and a simple majority of members present is required for passage of business items. Business of the faculty shall be conducted according to the latest revised edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Approved by Faculty on 11 March 2010