Department chairs are appointed by the administration and are responsible to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Administrative duties for the academic operation of departments are the responsibility of departmental chairpersons. Special duties and responsibilities include

  1. Perform necessary duties commonly afforded to the role of a chair, i.e., preparing agenda, calling and chairing meetings, and ensuring that records of all meetings are kept;
  2. Arrange the schedule of course offerings and departmental teaching assignments for each term in consultation with departmental faculty members. If adjunct assistance is required, advise the Vice President for Academic Affairs of departmental needs in a timely manner and offer suggestions of qualified lecturers to fill these needs;
  3. With the input of departmental faculty, prepare an annual budget for the department and supervise departmental expenditures within the current budget;
  4. Consult with the Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding departmental faculty concerns and personnel needs;
  5. Seek to stimulate high standards of achievement within the department and to effect consensus about the purposes of the department, the division, and the college;
  6. Acquaint colleagues, particularly new faculty members, with details associated with library acquisition policies, audio-visual equipment, student work study availability, department budget, acquisition of supplies, etc.;
  7. Supervise the preparation of catalog material for the department;
  8. Prepare documents required of all departments in collaboration with other department faculty. These may include, but are not limited to, annual reports to the President, competencies growth plan, major assessment plan, etc.;
  9. Oversee the implementation of the departmental assessment plan;
  10. Carry major responsibility in advisement of students, especially of those majoring in the department;
  11. Assume the major responsibility for establishing and maintaining a good esprit de corps within the department;
  12. Perform other supervisory departmental duties not specifically reserved for the division chair or the administration;
  13. Oversee department coordination with the admissions department staff to promote recruiting of new students.

Approved by Faculty on 11 March 2010