McPherson College grants leaves of absence to members of the faculty for purposes of study and research that promise to increase the member’s professional effectiveness, value, and usefulness in subsequent service to the college.

  1. Applications for leaves of absence shall be made in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) in consultation with the appropriate department chair.  Application shall be made not later than six months before the beginning of the term in which the leave is desired.
  2. Leaves of absence are approved by the President, upon recommendation of the VPAA.
  3. Faculty members on leave of absence may continue on the college’s health insurance, group life insurance, disability insurance, and retirement plans, provided they pay the cost of these benefits. Since Social Security and institutional retirement contributions are based on percentages of salary, these benefits do not accrue when persons are not on salary. If part-salaries are involved, these latter benefits will be handled on a percentage basis relative to the part-salaries.
  4. Exceptions to the particulars set forth above must be approved by the VPAA.