Each faculty member is expected to perform all functions of his or her position including conducting classes, attending meetings and being available to students. In the event a faculty member is unable to be present, the Provost is to be notified.

  1. Absences of one week or less, for illness or any other reason, are to be discussed with the Provost, and the Provost is to have discretion regarding appropriate arrangements for coverage of classes. In cases of abuse of the leave policy, the Provost (in consultation with the President) may adjust a faculty member’s pay.
  2. Absences of more than one week but less than 90 days due to personal illness will be fully compensated as a short-term disability payment, up to the time when the faculty member becomes eligible for long-term disability.
  3. The college may request additional information at any time to determine eligibility for short-term leave.
  4. When a previous employee is able to seek employment following long-term disability, the college will explore possible employment opportunities.