Professional development includes the following objectives:

  1. To enhance the quality of teaching, service, research and/or creative endeavors within one’s discipline in a supportive environment that recognizes a variety of teaching styles;
  2. To enable and encourage faculty to master new discipline content and related pedagogy;
  3. To encourage faculty to explore and practice new teaching methods that focus on student learning;
  4. To create both formal and informal opportunities that allow for the interdisciplinary exchange of teaching and learning experiences in a non-threatening environment for the purpose of encouraging an enthusiastic learning environment;
  5. To respond to the demands of public accountability by providing the resources, methodology, and accountability required for student learning; and
  6. To provide faculty with ongoing education in the application of instructional technology.

FAC 530.1 Formal Professional Development Events

FAC 530.2 Informal Professional Development Events

FAC 530.3 Self-Initiated Development Events

FAC 530.4 Faculty Mentoring

FAC 530.5 Annual Teaching Awards

FAC 530.6 Coordination of Professional Development Events

FAC 530.7 K-12 Requirement