Key Issuance

  1. Employees will be issued keys to their office, work area, and outside buildings as appropriate.
  2. A Key Request Form must be completed before keys will be issu The form requires the department chair/immediate supervisor signature and a designated administrator signature.
  3. After receiving appropriate approval the Key Request Form should be sent to Facility Management by the departmental chairperson/immediate supervisor or designated administrato The employee requesting keys cannot submit the Key Request Form.
  4. After receipt of the Key Request Form, keys will be issu The requesting employee must sign and pick up the keys at the Facility Management Office.

Lost Keys

  1. Replacement keys must be requested using the above Key Issuance procedu
  2. Each lost key will incur a replacement charge that will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck or charged to a student’s account in the following manner:
    1. $60 per non-master key
    2. $200 per master key

Returning Keys

  1. 1. The person to whom the key(s) were originally issued must return the keys to the Facility Management office at the end of the school year (students only) or at termination of employment.
  2.  If keys are not returned the employee or student will be charged in accordance with the lost key policy detailed abov


  1. For campus safety reasons individuals that have been issued keys are advised not to loan keys to o Keys are only intended for the use of the individual to which they have been issued.
  2. All keys are considered property of McPherson College and therefore it is unlawful to duplicate key