Each year during the transitional seasons of spring and fall, McPherson College must perform a switch from heating to cooling mode (or vice versa) in several buildings. This process is necessary because the piping systems within the affected buildings cannot provide heating and cooling capabilities simultaneously.

The manual changeover generally takes 24 work hours (3 days) to complete and is performed when the temperature predictions indicate a semi-permanent change for the season.

The campus buildings that are affected by the changeover are:

  • Brown Auditorium/Friendship Hall
  • Dotzour Hall
  • Hess Fine Arts (basement only)
  • Metzler Hall
  • Miller Library
  • Mohler Hall
  • Hoffman Student Union

Typically, the heating/cooling changeover occurs in the spring during the last half of April and the changeover in the fall occurs during the last half of October. Due to wide temperature variances there will be times during these transitional periods when one or more of the affected buildings will feel uncomfortable.

The College administration makes every effort to plan the heating/cooling changeover to cause the least amount of discomfort within the buildings, but unseasonable weather fluctuations can make this a difficult task. Please note that once a building has been switched over for a season it will remain in that state until the next seasonal changeover. Faculty, staff, and student understanding with this matter is greatly appreciated.