Introduction & Purpose

In the pursuit of their professional activities, McPherson College employees shall take into account not merely the scientific, technical, and economic considerations, but also the social, environmental, and ethical implications of their work.

The Code of Conduct identifies principles, policies, and laws that govern the activities of the college and to which are employees and others who represent the college must adhere. The Code provides guidance for professional conduct. The success and reputation of the college in fulfilling its mission depends on the ethical behavior, honesty, integrity, and good judgment of each member of the community.

Accuracy of Records & Reporting

The records data and information owned, used, and managed by the college must be accurate and complete. The accuracy and reliability of financial reports is of vital importance to the business operations of the college. Therefore, all employees must record, allocate, and charge costs accurately and maintain supporting documentation as required by established policies and procedures.


McPherson College Employees shall not improperly collude with other entities (e.g. higher education institutions) in matters affecting the financial or administrative decisions of the College.

Confidential Information

McPherson College Employees shall protect against unauthorized access to and improper disclosure or use of private or personal information relating to students, employees, applicants, or any third party information in possession of the College. This responsibility extends to protecting against unauthorized access to and improper disclosure or use of financial information, intellectual property, or future planning information resulting from employment with the College. See the Confidential Information policy.

Conflict of Interest

McPherson College employees should strive to avoid the perception of or actual conflicts of interest that might compromise their integrity or objectivity. Conflicts, including those of financial, personal, or professional nature must be disclosed. Employees should strive to eliminate or manage such conflicts in an appropriate manner.

No employee shall solicit anything of value in return for influencing or exercising his or her discretion in a particular way on a College matter. Employees shall not accept any material gift, gratuity, or other payment, in cash or in kind from a vendor currently conducting business with the College or seeking to do so. Employees may not solicit or receive discounts or rebates on good and services offered to them in their private capacity by vendors to the College that exceed those generally available to other customers. Exceptions to this general provision include unsolicited gifts of a nominal value given at holidays, birthdays, weddings, and other commonly recognized social occasions.

Compliance with Contractual & Grant Obligations

McPherson College Employees requesting funding from government agencies, corporations, foundations, and other granting organizations have an affirmative obligation to make full, accurate, and honest representations concerning all relevant information submitted to or requested by the granting organization. Accurate and complete records, including supporting documentation as required by the granting organization, of the uses to which grant funds are put must be maintained.

Compliance with Laws & Regulations

McPherson College Employees must transact college business in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations related to their positions and areas of responsibility. All employees should recognize that noncompliance may have adverse financial and other consequences for them and for the college.

Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

The college is committed to providing a healthy and productive work environment for all members of the community

General Principles of Ethical Conduct

McPherson College Employees shall pursue the College’s objectives in ways that are consistent with the College’s mission. McPherson College Employees shall conduct themselves ethically, honestly, and with integrity in all situations. When in doubt about the propriety of a proposed course of action, they should seek counsel from colleagues, supervisors, or administrators who can assist in determining the right and appropriate course of conduct.

McPherson College Employees shall respect and defend human rights, and shall actively take part in the working community. McPherson College Employees shall encourage fair and equitable treatment of all employees.

Information Technology

McPherson College provides computer resources, including office computers, individual computer accounts, electronic mail, and remote access to administrative information systems, to employees for their use while engaged in college business. The college has established policies for the use of these resources and expects employees to be familiar with and abide by them.

Safety in the Workplace

McPherson College Employees shall be mindful of, and shall exercise reasonable care not to endanger, public health and safety.

Use of College Resources

McPherson College resources must be reserved for business purposes on behalf of the College. College Employees have an obligation to manage the institution’s resources prudently. Employees are responsible for safeguarding the tangible and intangible assets of the College that are under their control. College resources may not be converted to personal use, either for oneself or another person.

Obligation to Report Suspected Violations

McPherson College employees are strongly encouraged to report suspected violations of these standards, of laws and regulations, or of related college policies or procedures to their supervisor, department chair, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Finance, or the Human Resource office, depending upon the nature of the violation. A supervisor or department chair to whom a report of a violation is made is obligated to follow up the report with the appropriate administrative authority. In investigating claims of inappropriate activities, care will be taken to maintain confidentiality. McPherson College will protect from retaliation anyone who makes a good faith effort to appropriately disclose perceived wrongdoing.

Consequences of Violation

Material violations of this Code, of federal, state, or local laws and regulations, or of related college policies and procedures may carry disciplinary consequences up to and including termination.