McPherson College expects all faculty will possess the minimum academic credentials, the adequate tested experience, or a satisfactory combination of the two as determined in section 404.3 above. Occasionally, however, current faculty or applicants for faculty positions may lack the desired academic credentials or the significant tested experience deemed to qualify them fully for their teaching assignments. In such cases, to remain employed or to be considered for employment, these individuals must complete and sign a Faculty Continued Education Plan (see Appendix 15). An acceptable continued education plan will require the faculty member to complete a minimum of six graduate credit hours per year toward the required degree or the required 18 graduate hours in the field. The plan for continued study will be developed in consultation with the CAO and the department chair. Barring extenuating circumstances, the faculty member must make the planned progress on the continued education plan to remain employed. Deviations from the plan must be authorized by the CAO.