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Coronavirus Resources:

COVID Health and Safety Plan 8.17.2020

McPherson College COVID-19 Travel and Self-Quarantine Policy 08.13.20

Families-First-Coronavirus-Response Effective 4.1.2020

FMLA Poster with Expanded Coverage 4.1.2020


Human Resources Assistance:

Human Resources Forms

Internal Job Postings

Administrative Policies

Staff Handbook

Holiday Schedule 20.21 of 5.26.2020

McPherson College Red Flag/Identity Theft Prevention Policy (ADM-365)

Record Retention and Destruction Policy (ADM-370)


Title IX Resource Page:

Title IX Coordinator:

Dr. Bruce  Clary

(620) 242-0506 or from on campus extension:  2506

1600 East Euclid

Mohler Administration Building North

McPherson, KS  67460


4.     Sexual Harassment

5.      Domestic Violence

6.      Dating Violence

7.      Retaliation

8.       Sex Discrimination as defined in ADM #170

9.      Sexual Assault

10.     Stalking

11.      Consent, Force and Incapacitation

12.      Reporting Sexual Harassment

13.       Interim Removal

14.   “Investigations”

15.   “Advisors”

16.  “Evidence”

17.   “Informal Resolution”

18.  “Live Hearings”

19.    “Appeals”

20.  “Resources”

21.  “Policy Violation Remedies”

22.   “Non Mandated Reporters”

23.   “No Retaliation”

24.  “FERPA”

25.  Title Nine training materials