McPherson College’s evaluation procedures are grounded in the following philosophical positions:

  • The primary goal for McPherson College faculty is excellence in all matters of teaching and learning. The college’s evaluation procedures focus on helping and encouraging faculty members to develop their teaching effectiveness in order to continually improve student learning.
  • McPherson College’s mission is to develop whole persons. Faculty should strive to exemplify the wholeness the college hopes to produce in students; therefore, the evaluation process considers faculty members’ scholarship, participation, and service.
  • Faculty contribute to the college and their communities in various ways; therefore, individual faculty members may prioritize how the criteria of scholarship, participation and service are to be considered in the evaluation process. Faculty Review Committee recognizes that faculty evaluation must be sensitive to the range and impact of teaching contexts.
  • Faculty undergoing review should not be overburdened by the evaluation process. The evaluation procedures described in this handbook have been designed to allow faculty undergoing reviews to maintain their focus on their classroom performance. An effort has been made to ensure the quantity and extent of required evaluation materials is reasonable and to distribute the production of evaluation materials throughout the academic year and across the careers of faculty members.