Each academic year full time faculty members who teach in a discipline which certifies prospective teachers will document at least eight hours of contact with K 12 school teaching personnel through the following types of activities:

  1. Through attendance at professional conferences and workshops where K 12 faculty are participants
  2. Through class visits and/or observation of student teachers
  3. Through adjudication at music, debate, history, or athletic events
  4. Through participation in on or off campus events such as math, computer science, or music contests
  5. Through attendance at ESSDACK in service workshops (reimbursement beyond the professional allowance for attendance under 530.3 of one ESSDACK workshop each academic year is available if prior approval is obtained and if funding is available)
  6. Other contacts, if pre-approved by the Provost and Dean of the Faculty

Faculty members should document their K 12 contacts by completing the college’s professional development form.