All College employees are paid once a month on the last work day of the month. If a scheduled payday falls on a holiday, employees will be paid on the work day preceding the holiday. Pay checks or pay stubs are distributed through campus mail, unless the employee has made prior arrangements.


All required deductions, such as those for federal and state taxes, and all authorized voluntary deductions such as health insurance premiums, donations, 403(b) contributions, etc., shall be withheld automatically from the employee’s paychecks.

It is recommended that employees review their paycheck for compensation errors and proper withholdings. If you find a mistake, you should report it to the Business Office.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit allows the employee’s paycheck to be electronically deposited directly into a checking and/or savings account at the financial institution of their choosing. Direct deposit enrollment is encouraged to ensure payroll funds are received on the final working day of the month regardless of the employee being absent from campus due to holidays, paid time off, or business related trips.

When an employee begins direct deposit, the first check will be a paper check. All subsequent payrolls will be check-less and a statement of the direct deposit will be provided to the employee detailing all deduction information.

To enroll in direct deposit the employee must complete a direct deposit authorization that may be obtained from the Business Office.