Heritage: Leaders of the Church of the Brethren founded McPherson College in 1887. For over one hundred years, McPherson College has been dedicated to providing excellent liberal arts education within an environment shaped by the essential values of its founding denomination. The Church of the Brethren, begun in Germany in 1708, proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord and accepts the New Testament as the rule of faith. Brethren values include ethical behavior, non-violence and peace, a simple lifestyle, and the expression of faith through service. Brethren affirm diversity within the community, emphasizing unity and love rather than judgment and rejection. Thus, McPherson College, throughout its history, has provided a community where individuals can become mature, knowledgeable, and value-committed, capable of continued learning and dedicated to serving others.

Mission Statement: McPherson College’s mission is to develop whole persons through scholarship, participation, and service.

Scholarship: All absolute Truth is God’s Truth and humankind must labor diligently in the pursuit of truth we can know. Thus, McPherson College upholds the highest standards of academic excellence. Faculty strives to teach students to think critically and independently, to communicate clearly and effectively, to integrate knowledge across the disciplines, and to assess the value of conflicts in issues. This is done without coercion, letting the evidence lead the search, and with respect for the consciences and value differences of others.

Participation: Students apply knowledge, practice skills, and deepen and broaden their understanding of themselves and others through active participation in diverse learning experiences. A smaller community requires greater participation from its members. For these reasons, McPherson College is committed to being a small college and to encouraging student participation in a variety of activities.

Service: God’s love is personified in the life of Jesus who came to serve the world. Through works of peacemaking and compassion, humanity responds to God’s love and becomes an instrument of God’s servanthood in the world. Therefore, McPherson College emphasizes service to others, encouraging all members of its community to give selflessly of themselves to others.