1. Presence of Minors on Campus

    Minors may be present on the McPherson College campus or be participating in the College’s programs and activities for a variety of reasons; visiting as prospective students, as participants on field trips or community service projects, or attending camps or athletic events. Whatever the reason for their presence, the College’s personnel are to be particularly vigilant regarding their safety and security.

  2. Definitions

    1. For purposes of reporting suspected abuse or neglect under this policy, a minor child is any person under the age of eighteen years old.
    2. For purposes of this policy, “employee” includes all faculty and staff, as well as volunteers and students who are working with minor children in a field experience, clinical environment, camp setting, or other similar situations (e.g., student teachers, camp counselors, etc.).
  3. Reporting Suspected Abuse or Neglect

    When any employee has reason to suspect that a child under 18 years of age has been or may be harmed as a result of has been harmed as a result of physical, mental or emotional abuse or neglect or sexual abuse, the employee is required to report the matter promptly to:

    1. Bruce Clary, VP for Academic Affairs, Dean’s Suite, McPherson College, 1600 Euclid, McPherson, KS 67460, (620) 242-0506, ext. 2506 from on campus,
    2. The Kansas Department for Children and Families at 1-800-922-5330 (or online at
      • The College will ensure that any employee making a report of child abuse or neglect is able to make an immediate report to the Kansas Department for Children and Families and will temporarily relieve the employee of other work duties so a report can be made.
      • Kansas law grants any person making a good faith report of suspected child abuse or neglect immunity from any liability, civil or criminal, that might otherwise result by reason of such action.

In the event of an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Nothing in this policy is intended to prevent non-employees, such as students and visitors, from making a report if they have reasonable cause to suspect that child abuse or neglect has occurred or may occur.