The safety and security of McPherson College employees, students, and visitors is of vital importance to the College. Therefore, acts or threats of physical violence including, but not limited to, intimidation, harassment or coercion, which may be directed towards another employee, visitor or student or affect the College or occur on College property, by an employee or representative of the College shall not be tolerated.

College property has been properly marked with the Kansas Attorney General’s approved posting prohibiting concealed carry.

Individuals, other than law enforcement, shall not be allowed to carry a weapon, regardless of license, onto College property or while otherwise engaged in the duties of College employment.  Employees, with or without license, may not carry a weapon onto College property with the exception that the college, in accordance to Kan. Stat. Ann. 75-7c10(b) (1), cannot prohibit possession of a handgun by a licensed employee in her/his private means of conveyance, even if parked on the college’s property or while engaged in the duties of College employment.

Employees should immediately report any behavior which may constitute a potentially violent situation to any College administrator.

A student in violation will be referred to the Dean of Students; an employee violation will be referred to the employee’s supervisor.  911 should be called if a visitor is in violation of this policy. In the case of an illegal violent incident contact the local police by dialing 9+911 from any campus phone. Only law enforcement agencies should attempt to apprehend the offender. The College’s Director of Facilities Management may be consulted on any campus violation.

An employee in violation of this policy may be placed on paid administrative leave of absence by the College president or in her/his absence, the president’s designated representative, pending the results of an internal investigation.

Any employee who is found, after a proper investigation, to have been in violation of this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.  A violation of this policy is not considered to be a criminal violation but a violation of College policy. The employee will be notified of the action to be taken. The action to be taken will be reviewed by Human Resources with possible review by College legal counsel before it is communicated to the employee.


For the purposes of this policy, acts of violence and threats of violence are defined, but not limited to:

  • Any direct or indirect threat, behavior or action which suggests personal violation or endangers a person’s safety, including but not limited to sexual assault, stalking, and verbal or non-verbal threats or intimidation or harassment. A direct or indirect threat of violence can be made in person, through electronic media, or by phone;
  • Behavior likely to result in an act of aggression such as a display of escalating anger;
  • Any act that is a physical battery including, but not limited to, beating, stabbing, shoving, kicking, throwing of objects, shooting, or rape; and/or
  • Acts that destroy or damage property including, but not limited to, vandalism, arson, or sabotage.

An investigation of the reported incident will be completed by the College’s Director of Facilities Management.  The College will conduct any required investigation in a confidential manner and will inform only those persons, who have a legitimate need to know.

Documentation of the incident, and action taken, will be kept in a separate, confidential file in the College Human Resources office.  A copy of any discipline including termination, which is a consequence of the investigation, shall be kept in the employee’s Human Resources file.

In Case of Emergency:

Dial 9+911 on campus phones or 911 on a personal phone

Academic Affairs 620-242-0506 or extension 2506

Student Services 620-242-0501 or extension 2501

Advancement 620-242-0424 or extension 2424

Business Office 620-242-0451 or extension 2451

President’s Office 620-242-0405 or extension 2405

Human Resources 620-242-0454 or extension 2454