Licensed vehicles on campus are to be driven only on the streets and parked in areas designated for parking. Motor vehicle operators are to abide by traffic laws. Parking is available on College lots and surrounding streets.

All licensed vehicles owned or operated by students must be registered with the College. Registration occurs in the office of the Dean of Students and each registered vehicle will receive a sticker to be affixed to the windshield of the vehicle.

All vehicles are to be parked headed into the parking space.

Non-licensed, non-motorized vehicles (bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.) may be used as transportation on campus. Please yield the right of way to pedestrians. Bike racks are located outside many buildings on campus. Bikes may be parked inside residence halls in designated bike storage areas or in a resident’s room (provided the roommate concurs).

It is recommended that vehicles be locked at all times and that valuable items not be left in a visible location in a vehicle. It is also recommended that other forms of transportation (i.e. bikes) be locked when not in use.

Persons operating or parking a vehicle in a manner that violates the above policies are subject to disciplinary action imposed by the McPherson Police and/or the College. Inappropriate use of vehicles could result in a police citation, towing of vehicles at the owner’s expense, or other actions deemed appropriate by the City or the College.

Examples of illegal or inappropriate actions:

The following examples are not an exhaustive list; they are a representative sample of actions that do not comply with City or College vehicle policies.

  • Parking or leaving a running vehicle next to a curb that is painted yellow, for any period of time. This includes areas such as the circle drive outside Mohler, Sport Center, and Metzler. The specified areas are designated to be kept clear for emergency vehicle access.
  • Parking in a handicapped spot, for any period of time, without having appropriate vehicle identification (license plate, window sticker, etc.).
  • Parking vehicles on College lots that are not eligible to be there (non-licensed vehicles, non- operating vehicles, etc.).
  • Parking licensed vehicles anywhere on campus, other than parking lot
  • Parking a vehicle inappropriately in a parking lot, in the triangle area at the end of a parking row, on a sidewalk, in an alley, or on a la Prohibited examples include a car backed into a parking space or parked at the end of a row where there is no space available.
  • Parking vehicles, such as bikes, inside campus building Bikes can be parked in designated areas (if available); however parking in hallways or stairwells poses a danger to other people in the event of an emergency evacuation.
  • Driving licensed vehicles on campus sidewalks or grassy are
  • Riding bikes, skateboards, or scooters on raised concrete areas such as Harnley Garden, the library steps, gazebo, or the brick seats around the circle drive.