The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and applicable state labor law governs the payment of overtime wages. McPherson College’s policies mirror the requirements of these laws.

Exempt Employees
Exempt employees do not receive overtime pay.

Non-Exempt Employees
Non-exempt employees are paid the regular hourly rate for the first 40 regular hours in a work week. Overtime is paid at 1 ½ times the regular hourly rate for hours worked in excess of 40 regular hours per week. The law requires that only hours worked count toward overtime. Therefore, paid time off (vacation, sick, personal, funeral, and holiday leave) is not considered time worked when determining eligibility for overtime compensation.

Time required after regular work hours responding to phone calls, texts or email will be considered compensable time.  Compensable time is based on 15 minute increment.

The “work week” shall be defined as Wednesday through Tuesday.


Overtime will be pre-approved by the requesting employee’s supervisor, who, in turn, will complete the Overtime Authorization Form (OAF) and seek the designated approvals.

Human resources is available to discuss any wage concerns including overtime with any college employee.