To accommodate employees requesting extended leave for a serious medical condition, the birth of a child, adoption, foster care placement, or caring for a spouse, parent or child with a serious medical condition the College offers:

  • Use of Family and Medical Leave (refer to the Family and Medical Leave policy). During an employee absence under FMLA accrued vacation and sick time will be used before unpaid leave is applied.
  • Extended leave beyond the scope of FMLA may be granted for up to six (6) months, but the determination of the extended leave will be granted at the College’s sole discretion. If the employee is granted post-FMLA leave, the employee will not accrue vacation or sick leave benefits, but may elect to continue group insurance coverage by paying the full premium in advance of the first of the month for the next month’s coverage by tendering a check payable to McPherson College.

Employees, who seek a leave of absence for military service or to care for a military service member, refer to McPherson College’s Family and Medical Leave Act policy.

Employees, who seek a leave of absence for reasons outside the scope of FMLA, may request an unpaid leave of absence. A Leave of Absence Request form must be submitted to the Human Resources department within a reasonable time period and the determination for granting such request is at the sole discretion of the College.