Divisional chairs are elected by their respective divisions. Chairs are responsible to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Their specific duties and responsibilities include

  1. Perform necessary duties commonly afforded to the role of a chair, i.e., preparing agenda, calling and chairing meetings, and ensuring that records of all meetings are kept;
  2. Represent the division on Faculty Executive Committee;
  3. Serve as liaisons on the respective policy committees, determined by the Faculty Executive Committee in its organizational meeting;
  4. Receive recommendations concerning curriculum changes from department chairs and, after assuring approval from appropriate sub-committees, present those recommendations receiving divisional approval to Educational Policies Committee;
  5. Serve as member of search committees for departments in the division;
  6. Serve as member of program review committee for programs within division (This can be optional when all parties agree);
  7. Provide written documentation of evaluation for division faculty members;
  8. Review academic program budget requests, prioritize and make budget recommendations to the Strategic Planning Committee, and advocate on behalf of the budget requirements of the instructional program;
  9. Monitor catalog copy within the division;
  10. Assume the major responsibility for establishing and maintaining a good esprit de corps within the division.

Approved by Faculty on 11 March 2010