Employment Procedures


6.01 Keys

Key Issuance

  1. Employees will be issued keys to their office, work area, and outside buildings as appropriate.
  2. A Key Request Form must be completed before keys will be issu The form requires the department chair/immediate supervisor signature and a designated administrator signature.
  3. After receiving appropriate approval the Key Request Form should be sent to Facility Management by the departmental chairperson/immediate supervisor or designated administrato The employee requesting keys cannot submit the Key Request Form.
  4. After receipt of the Key Request Form, keys will be issu The requesting employee must sign and pick up the keys at the Facility Management Office.

Lost Keys

  1. Replacement keys must be requested using the above Key Issuance procedu
  2. Each lost key will incur a replacement charge that will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck or charged to a student’s account in the following manner:
    1. $60 per non-master key
    2. $200 per master key

Returning Keys

  1. 1. The person to whom the key(s) were originally issued must return the keys to the Facility Management office at the end of the school year (students only) or at termination of employment.
  2.  If keys are not returned the employee or student will be charged in accordance with the lost key policy detailed abov


  1. For campus safety reasons individuals that have been issued keys are advised not to loan keys to o Keys are only intended for the use of the individual to which they have been issued.
  2. All keys are considered property of McPherson College and therefore it is unlawful to duplicate key
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6.02 Identification Cards

All McPherson College employees are issued identification cards upon employment. The identification card may be used for admission to most college produced athletic, theater, and music activities. The ID card also serves as a library card enabling employees to utilize library services.

The ID card can also be used to pay for meals in the cafeteria. To use the ID card as a means of meal payment the meals must be paid for in advance. Payment is submitted to the cafeteria and applied to the respective account.

Identification cards are issued through the Student Services office in Mohler Hall. ID photos are taken by appointment through the Communications Department.

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6.03 Copy & Print

Self-service copiers are available in the following locations on campus:

  • Mohler Hall first floor
  • Mohler Hall second floor
  • Templeton Hall
  • Miller Library
  • Hess Fine Arts
  • Melhorn
  • Beeghly Hall

Copy code numbers are available from Department Chairs, Department Heads, and the Business Office. A VendCard for the Miller Library copier may be requested at the Public Services Desk.

For printing and copying projects beyond the scope of the department contact that Marketing & Communications Department for assistance.

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6.04 Facility Management

All Facility Management employees, including student employees, are under the general supervision of the Director of Facility Management. Faculty and staff are encouraged to provide the Facility Management Department with written suggestions concerning the general care of the facilities in which they are located and/or in which they perform their job functions.

Particular needs, as well as irregularities and malfunctions in campus buildings should be reported by email to the Director of Facility Management or by calling the Facility Management Office at extension 2470.

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6.05 Heating & Cooling

Each year during the transitional seasons of spring and fall, McPherson College must perform a switch from heating to cooling mode (or vice versa) in several buildings. This process is necessary because the piping systems within the affected buildings cannot provide heating and cooling capabilities simultaneously.

The manual changeover generally takes 24 work hours (3 days) to complete and is performed when the temperature predictions indicate a semi-permanent change for the season.

The campus buildings that are affected by the changeover are:

  • Brown Auditorium/Friendship Hall
  • Dotzour Hall
  • Hess Fine Arts (basement only)
  • Metzler Hall
  • Miller Library
  • Mohler Hall
  • Hoffman Student Union

Typically, the heating/cooling changeover occurs in the spring during the last half of April and the changeover in the fall occurs during the last half of October. Due to wide temperature variances there will be times during these transitional periods when one or more of the affected buildings will feel uncomfortable.

The College administration makes every effort to plan the heating/cooling changeover to cause the least amount of discomfort within the buildings, but unseasonable weather fluctuations can make this a difficult task. Please note that once a building has been switched over for a season it will remain in that state until the next seasonal changeover. Faculty, staff, and student understanding with this matter is greatly appreciated.

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6.06 Phone System

The College Human Resource department maintains faculty and staff phone directories. McPherson College phone directories can be accessed online at www.mcpherson.edu or dial “0” for the College switchboard for directory information for students, faculty, and staff.

College employees must notify the human resource department and switchboard personnel of changes in office location and/or phone number.

The campus is equipped with a Mitel digital switching system that provides a full range of features for users. The voicemail system is available for each extension. Requests for voicemail should be made through Facility Management.

Long distance calling requires an authorization number. The Business Office issues access numbers and instructions.

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6.07 Library Services

Miller Library is committed to supporting faculty, staff, and students in their classroom activities, independent research, personal development, and cultural and societal studies and to helping all students achieve information literacy, in general and in their specific areas of study. All staff members are therefore, entitled and encouraged to make full use of the resources and services available.

The McPherson College identification cards will permit you to borrow all circulating materials under the same policies applicable to students. All online resources are accessible on campus computers and off- campus by using your email address and password. Also, interlibrary loan and reference services are available. Please ask for assistance in Miller Library and/or consult the Miller Library web pages for additional information

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6.08 Vehicle Rental


McPherson College employees may rent vehicles for College business when other means of transportation are not practical, economical, or available. The Facility Management, Admissions and Athletics make arrangements for all College vehicle rentals. This is done to ensure the College receives appropriate rental conditions and that liability, insurance, and safety issues are addressed.

For vehicles with a capacity of 8 or more please refer to the 15 Passenger Van policy. Any exceptions to the Vehicle Rental policy and procedure must be approved in advance by the Vice President for Finance.

Refer to Administrative Policy 3.15 Risk Management Policies for further clarification to this policy.


When renting a vehicle for College business, the renting driver must meet and adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Be 21 years of age to operate cars or vans with a capacity of less than 8 passengers. For vehicles with a capacity of 8 or more please refer to the 15 Passenger Van policy.
  2. Possess a valid driver’s license and allow Facility Management to review and make a copy of the license for its records. Review of driver’s license may be requested before the rental request is processed as the rental company may need to review the document.
  3. Requests for vehicles should be made by email to the Facilities Management Department.
  4. Requests should be made 5 working days in advance of the vehicle pick up date. Requests made after this time could result in the lack of availability of a vehicle.
  5. Sign for the vehicle at the time of pick up. Vehicles may be picked up Monday through Friday, 8 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm. Please note that for weekend rentals, the vehicle must be picked up by 4 pm on Friday.

When returning the vehicle, the driver must insure the following:

  1. The vehicle is full of fuel.
  2. The interior of the vehicle is clean of all trash, cups, and food.
  3. Report any damage and/or mechanical problems to the Facility Management department.


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6.09 15-Passenger Van Rental


This policy is established to prevent increased risk of accidents or injuries associated with the use of 15 passenger vans, noted in recent research and warnings issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These warnings indicate that 15 passenger vans from all domestic manufacturers have a significantly increased risk of roll-over than other vehicles under certain driving and occupancy conditions. A 15 passenger van is a van with seating for 15 passengers; this includes the driver (driver + 14 passengers).


The College will require certain precautions and enforce certain restrictions on the use of 15 passenger vans consistent with NHTSA warnings in order to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries associated with their use.

Refer to Administrative Policy 3.15 Risk Management Policies for further clarification to this policy.

Limitations on Use:

  1. Driving Limited to Employees: Drivers must be 21 years of age or older, current employees of the College, possess a valid state driver’s license, have a safe driving record and successfully complete an MC-required training program for driving 15 passenger vans. Student employees are prohibited from operating 15 passenger vans.
  2. Passengers: Passengers are normally limited to persons who are 18 years of age or older and are employees, students of the College, or other individuals on official College business. Exceptions to the age restriction are made for students of the College who are under the age of 18.
  3. Training: The completion of 15 passenger van written test must be completed prior to the use of a 15 passenger van. The goal of the course will be to familiarize drivers with this policy, as well as provide practical instruction on the handling characteristics of 15 passenger vans, proper backing, braking, obstacle avoidance and return to road technique if a wheel drops off the roadway. The training will consist of satisfactory completion of a written examine.
  4. Safe Driving Record: A safe driving record generally means no suspensions or revocations within the past 2 years, and no accidents for which the operator was cited.
  5. Vehicle: The use of 15 passenger vans built after 2008 is highly recommended as most newer models have incorporated the use of stabilizers.

Operating Restrictions:

  1. Distance and Hours Restrictions: Fatigue is a primary factor in 15 passenger van accidents. High speed travel is also a major factor in 15 passenger van accidents. The use of 15 passenger vans should be limited to locations less than 2 hours from campus. Employees are not permitted to drive a 15 passenger van if by driving that 15 passenger van their workday will exceed 8 hours.  It is highly recommended that the use of a professional and/or bus is used for any distances greater than 2 hours or in the event where driving creates a workday greater than 8 hours. Night driving should be kept to a minimum.   Travel itineraries should avoid high speed and limited access highways where possible.
  2. Vehicle Occupancy: Occupancy is highly recommended not to exceed 12 passengers including the driver for trips that exceed 15 miles from campus or speeds in excess of 50 miles an hour.
  3. Vehicle Rental: All 15 passenger van rentals must be processed through the Facilities Management Office.
  4. Weather Restrictions: Poor weather is a major contributing factor in 15 passenger van accidents. Operation of 15 passenger vans during hazardous weather conditions is discouraged. Safe driving conditions are road conditions absent snow-cover, heavy rain, ice, fog, or forecasts predicting such conditions. If drivers already on the road are confronted by developing conditions such as these, the vehicle should be stopped in a safe location until conditions improve.
  5. Cell Phones: Drivers operating 15 passenger vans are prohibited from using cell phones while the vehicle is in operation.
  6. Seat Belt Requirement: The driver and all passengers must wear seat belts at all times while the vehicle is in operation.
  7. Load Evenly: Passengers will be seated from the front seats back. (If 10 passengers are riding, the first 10 seats will be occupied.) The roof will not be used for storage for any purpose. Keep luggage on the floor if at all possible.
  8. No Towing: 15 passenger vans are prohibited from towing a trailer.




  1. 15 Passenger Van Driving Test Completion: Drivers must complete a written test prior to the operation of a 15 passenger van.
  2. Visual Inspections Before Use: Prior to use, drivers are responsible for making a visual inspection of the mirrors, tires and other safety equipment of the vehicle.
  3. Mapping Routes: Drivers should take care to map routes when using 15 passenger vans to avoid limited access and other high speed highways whenever possible.
  4. Driver’s Record: Drivers of 15 passenger vans are expected to self-report suspensions or revocations of driving privileges by the Kansas Department of Transportation. The College will complete a national motor vehicle screen on each driver.
  5. Seat Belt Requirement: Drivers of 15 passenger vans are expected to visually confirm that all passengers properly secured by a seat belt
  6. Unsafe Operating Conditions: Drivers of 15 passenger vans should determine if an alternative mode of transportation exists when driving conditions are unsafe for a 15 passenger van to be used.

Facilities Management:

  1. Driving Test: Facilities Management will conduct a written driving test and provide records of completion to Human Resources.
  2. Vehicle Rental: Facilities Management, Admissions and the Athletic Department will be responsible for the rental of all 15 passenger vans. Poor planning by drivers may result in the inability to reserve a 15 passenger van.

Policy Violations: Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a driver or a department losing access to 15 passenger vans.

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